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Case in GA Archives “The Africans Case” and the Slave trade

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:12 pm
by D J Thornton
Research Materials at the Georgia Archives Relating to “The African Case” and the Slave Trade 1817–ca. 1821
Records housed in the Georgia Archives document the stories of two or three ships (at least one of which operated out of Portugal) carrying cargoes of Africans that were overtaken by pirates while en route to Cuba in 1817 and brought into port at Amelia Island, Florida. The Africans from the ships then were dispersed; some of those were brought into Georgia through the Creek Indian Nation territory, came into the possession of the state, and, in accordance with Georgia law at the time, were subsequently sold. Legal proceedings ensued as the owners of the ships attempted to obtain compensation for their lost cargo. In at least one instance, accusations of wrong-doing were filed against individuals, including former Governor and then-U.S. Indian Agent David Brydie Mitchell. This particular case continued for a number of years and became known as “The African Case.” ... _guide.pdf

In 1736, two ships sailed from Europe to Georgia. On board were representatives of what would become three major Protestant traditions: John and Charles Wesley, the Moravians, and Lutheran Pietists called the Salzburgers. The interaction