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My updated Rare Genes results

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My updated Rare Genes results

Postby emmdee2 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:42 pm

I took a chance and paid for the new test knowing it might be the same as prior. Turned out to have been a good risk as I did get two additional markers: Crazy Horse and Marco Polo. :) Slight disappointment had no Odin, I have a lot of Scandinavian but didn't get that one.

So in total I show 8 of the 33(?) is 24.24 percent. Seems fairly high and given I am mostly European in fact my distribution is 2 are European (Europa and Marco Polo), 2 are African (King Tut and Khoisan) and then 4 are Asian (Rain Goddess, Yellow Emperor, Amerind, Crazy Horse).

Crazy Horse relates higher to Sioux or Siberian (maybe my dad there?) and Huichol (another service showed Huichol on my sister but said believes is a SE tribe like Creek).

Marco Polo high Croatian and none known in family but has shown up for myself and my sister on DNAConsultants testing and recently ADNTRO.com (out of Spain) ran my family there and my sister showing 14.6% Croatian there and some Moldava. My dad not showing any Croatian, he and my sister both show some 1/2% native, I show Pakistan/India/Turkmenistan/Georgia/Russia depending on which of my raw DNA kits. Croatian seems to relate to Lumbee, which was top 50 for myself and my sister (my Native Fingerprint and her Cherokee tests here).

Obviously Rare Genes are deeper history, King Tut and parents inherited that gene so thousands of years there. Trying to see if this new information is telling me anything new.

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Re: My updated Rare Genes results

Postby jakayj » Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:17 pm

Sounds as if the newer test is supporting and refining the information you've found in other tests. Congratulations!

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