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5 Rare Genes

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5 Rare Genes

Postby christopherswink8 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:59 am

I received my Rare Genes results the other day. I was a little surprised. But after researching into my family trees, genetic testing, family pictures, as well as the results from my Melungeon test it all seems to make sense. I received:

It appears I received only one allele for each of these ancient genes and I think I have deduced from which parent I received them from. Although I can not be 100% positive.

Scythian - my mothers side
Thuya - my fathers side
Akhenaten - my mothers side possible fathers side
Khoisan - my fathers side
Sinti - my mothers side

This conclusion is based primarily on family photos that I have been going through over the years compared with physiognomy of the statue of Akhenaten, modern Khoisan Peoples, Romani Gypsies, as well as geographical locations such as “presumed” Ireland and Orkney islands in my recent; 300 - 400 years or so.

Akhenaten has a long and narrow face that appears to be curved from top to bottom jaw line on one side. I have this feature as well as do some of my genetic y matches from places such as Brazil, Mexico, and one of my 7th cousins. One of Akhenatens ears on his famous statue is curl out on the top. Many of the females on my mothers side, including my mother have this feature.

I have deduced that my Khoisan gene is of my fathers side based on a medium stature, slim build and an abundance of freckles in a lot of females and males on various lines of my fathers side as well as the shape of my nose compared with males of my y line and that of some modern Khoisan men and women.

The Scinti I am almost certain is of my mothers side as my great grandfather, mothers maternal grandfather, and his sister greatly resemble that of Romani Gypsies within the last 100-200 years.

Overall I am very pleased with the results of this test.

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Re: 5 Rare Genes

Postby emmdee2 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:46 am

Interesting, I am pretty clueless though I could get my dad tested sometime since he is still living.

I had King Tut, AmerInd (presume mom since was supposed to be side Native is on), Khoisan, Rain Goddess Europa and Yellow Emperor (maybe dad, the Germanic I would think Mongol related perhaps?)... My dad does show African on some DNA tests so perhaps he is the King Tut and or Khoisan.

I was surprised to only have the Europa for European when I am at least 95-97% European. But I guess these genes are some of the deeper ancestry anyhow. :)

Enjoyed your family photos too.


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Re: 5 Rare Genes

Postby christopherswink8 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:37 pm


I have had my mother mtdna tested here. I think I may do the rare genes for her to try and narrow down what rare genes I may have that she has. My father is no longer living so thats not an option for me.

I had thought the Europa gene would show up in my results but did not.

Thank you for your kind comment about my family photos. I am glad you enjoyed them.


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