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Rhineland Palatine yDna

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Rhineland Palatine yDna

Postby christopherswink8 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:09 pm

I have spent the last few years researching my paternal line and am at a brick wall at my earliest known paternal ancestor. Michael Swink b. 1725 Palatinate d. 1781 Rowan Co. North Carolina. Our family genealogist has spent the last 40 or so years researching the Swink, Swank, and Schwenk lines of Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Georgia and their migrations west ward along northern, central and southern routes with some of the lines making it all the way to California. It is said that my 6th great grandfather Michael Swink arrived in Pennsylvania 1739 aboard the Jamaica Galley, around age 15 or 16, along with his brother Adam. Their surnames have been recorded as Swenk and or Schwenk aboard this ship on the logs. After some time, not known how long, my Michael Swink was indentured to a George Bruner in a blacksmith shop in Rowan Co. North Carolina until the age of 21. Various researchers in my family have different stories and or accounts of Michael Swink. Or possibly more than one Michael Swink as I have found another Michael Swenk/Schwenk on the Marlborough ship logs of a different year as well.

Although I have not yDna tested with DNA Consultants yet, I will be in the next few month, I have tested with other companies. My haplogroup is R-M269. Further subclade of this haplogroup I am placed in R-Z367 with another company. The only yDna matches I have are those that share my surname or a variant thereof such as Swank and Schwenk and a few that do not share my surname. A total of now 17 yDna matches as some have fallen off of my matches list for whatever reason. I have 1 match in Brazil. 1 match in Puerto Rico. 1 match in France. 1 match in England. These four matches do not share my surname or a variant of it and 1 is an NPE. I have come across this blog article on Palatines that is very intriguing. I had known that some Palatines were sent in 1708-09 from London to New York, Pennsylvania, Jamestown, Ireland and some back to Rhineland. What I did not know is that some of these Palatines were sent to Jamaica and Portugal. Some were placed into the British Navy as Soldiers. And some. This last part is of particular interest for me is this could possibly explain my matches in South America. I would love one day to see a yDna and autosomal study done on descendants of known Palatines across the world. The article in the below link is a very good read.

“Who were the Palatines”

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Re: Rhineland Palatine yDna

Postby emmdee2 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:11 am

When I saw the R-M269 looked familiar went and looked at dad and my brother. They have their Y info from 23andme. Both show a different sub clade under R-M269 (they are father and son, I guess just my brother they gave a sub clade lower? Or changed their mind on that. Not the same surname as your family, but a Germanic surname and I see it looks possible dad's line goes back to Palatinate Germany born in 1740.

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