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Scotland dna

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D J Thornton
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Scotland dna

Postby D J Thornton » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:54 am

ho are the Berber
by D J Thornton » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:53 am

Who are the Berber people ?
https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=you ... K-oihmbtMU

Scotland DNA

Researchers believe that Scotland's location could be a factor in the "astonishing and unique" origins of people from the country.

In a statement, Dr Wilson and Mr Moffat said: "Perhaps geography, Scotland's place at the farthest north-western end of the European peninsula, is the reason for great diversity.

"For many thousands of years, migrants could move no further west. Scotland was the end of many journeys."

Scotland's DNA also found that more than 1% of all Scotsmen are direct descendants of the Berber and Tuareg tribesmen of the Sahara, a lineage which is around 5600 years old.

Royal Stewart DNA was confirmed in 15% of male participants with the Stewart surname. They are directly descended from the royal line of kings.

Clues to ancient invasions of Scotland
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scot ... 976510.stm

Jew timeline
In the 1100s AD, “Jews” were ousted from Germany (Worms & Mainz, etc) to Italy, and Poland.
In 1290, on the ninth of AV on the same day the temple was burned twice, the “Jews” were ousted from Wales and England to France and Holland.
In 1306, “Jews” were ousted from France to Spain and Provence.
From 1348 to 1360, “Jews” were ousted from Germany and Hungary to Poland.
In 1421, “Jews were ousted from Austria to Poland.
In 1490, on the ninth of AV (on the same day the first temple and second temple were burned), the “Jews” were ousted from Provence to Italy.
In 1492, on the ninth of AV (on the same day the first temple and second temple were burned), the “Jews” were ousted from Spain. Half of them fled to Portugal; a fourth went to Cyprus, Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire. Columbus noted in his journal that he saw the ships, which transported the “Jews” from Spain. His navigator and five crewmembers were Jewish. A fourth of the Sephardim remained by converting to Christianity (usually Catholics), and the Spanish Inquisition was aimed at testing their conversion.
In 1497, “Jews” were ousted from Portugal to Brazil, North Africa and Holland.
From 1940 to 1945, “Jews” were ousted from Holland and the Netherlands to Poland.
Even prior to 1100, Worms and Mainz, Germany, had become a center for Ashkenazi “Jewish” education.

Askenaz (Germany) was the name of a son of Gomer, a son of Japheth, a son of Noah (Genesis 10 & I Chronicles 1). Allegedly, he was sent into Europe to settle with his 20 Captains. These areas allegedly became known as Europia, Jupiter (Japheth), High Dutch, Denmark, the Greeks, Celts, Galatians and Scythians. I believe these were haplogroup R1b1 because it is the most common haplo in Europe, but more research is needed; At least we have reason to believe the “Jews” of Ashkenazi were J1 or J2. They learned “Yiddish” German and wrote with Hebrew letters.
Were they Germans who converted to Zionism? No. Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, and Sigmund Freud were Ashkenazi “Jews” living in Germany. How can this be proven? The most common haplo in Europe, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England is R1b1.
Ashkenazi “Jews” are J1 or J2, and some of these match family surnames of Aaron, Cohen (Kohath) and Levi and have family traditions of having descended from the Levites.
Worms and Mainz, Germany, became a center of Jewish learning. In about 1575, Sir Richard Coxe (Chancellor of Oxford and tutor of Prince Edward VI) was a protestant (Church of England) who fled with Peter Martyr to Strasburg (near Worms, Mainz and Frankfort) Germany, to escape the new Catholic Queen Mary. After her death, he was reinstated as the chaplain and bishop of Queen Elizabeth I. In exile, he translated into English the four Gospels, the Acts, and the Epistles to the Romans and other essays long before committees from Oxford and Cambridge were assigned to complete the entire Bible in English.
In Europe, his name is likely to be written as Koch, Kock, Cook, etc., and Albert Einstein’s mother was Pauline Koch.
A Chief Rabbi in Palestine was Abraham Isaac Kook (1921–1935). Others were:
· Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog (1936–1959)
· Isser Yehuda Unterman (1964–1973)
· Shlomo Goren (1973–1983)
· Avraham Shapira (1983–1993)
· Yisrael Meir Lau (1993–2003)
· She'ar Yashuv Cohen (acting) (2003)
Levites in New Mexico?

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