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Education for American Romani Children

A public forum open to those interested in their Romani ancestry, especially as reflected in DNA testing results, moderated by Shari.

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Education for American Romani Children

Postby Shari » Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:32 pm

Education for American Romani children continues to be problematic.
“The Schooling of Romani Americans: An Overview,” is an article by Dr. Ian Hancock who has delved into the complex set of circumstances making the establishing of schools for Romani children so difficult to attain in America today - http://radoc.net/radoc.php?doc=art_g_education&lang=en&articles=true.


“who ever gets this mesage please help me i live in los angles calif i am a Gypsy that needs to go to school i saw this site and i want to be somebody and also help other peaple like my self please email me
e-mail message to a Romani website, May 28th, 1999”

DR. HANCOCK: “...There is a thirst for education among young Romanies, but satisfying it means making it available in an accessible and attractive way.  It must hold their attention, it must be compatible with everyday life outside of the classroom, and it must be reassuring to the older generation.  Ideally this means an all-Romani environment, with trained teachers who are themselves Romanies, who can not only teach various subjects but oversee the behavior and wellbeing of the students...”

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