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Roma College Students

A public forum open to those interested in their Romani ancestry, especially as reflected in DNA testing results, moderated by Shari.

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Roma College Students

Postby Shari » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:32 pm

-- From HARVARDFXB -[url]“https://fxb.harvard.edu/2018/12/20/one-in-one-hundred-roma-value-education-but-face-racism-in-access/ -[/url] “One in One Hundred: Roma Value Education But Face Racism in Access”:
…These findings contrast starkly with the dominant narrative and related polices that portray Roma parents and the Roma culture more broadly as being indifferent or even hostile to education…
…What Romani children most need for educational success is what all children need: good schools, characterized by equity and inclusion, with unbiased, supportive, and well-prepared teachers…

-- Upcoming Roma Event by HARVARD FXB, April 5-6, 2019 - Neglected Voices: The Global Roma Diaspora - [url] https://fxb.harvard.edu/event/neglected ... ora-day-1/.

-- New Research Project - “Harvard FXB to Explore Romani Realities in the US,” July 11, 2018 - https://fxb.harvard.edu/2018/07/11/harvard-fxb-to-explore-romani-realities-in-the-us/:
…Since 2012, Harvard FXB has implemented an innovative research and capacity-strengthening program related to the Roma, who have long been an ill-treated minority, facing persecution and, in the past, even slavery…
…The project will explore three topics in particular: (a) quantitative data with and about Roma in the US; (b) a comparative exploration of theories of stigma and discrimination as they apply to Roma populations in the USA and in Europe; and (c) an inquiry into the nature of the Roma diaspora…

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