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Re: Melungeon test

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 4:20 pm
by christopherswink8
According to Sue Levin the Melungeon reference population is the most current at DNA Consultants. I asked her yesterday if an update was available or necessary for me. Even though my Melungeon Fingerprint Plus gave me Melungeon as my number 1 match. On the word Melungeon there are many theories out there as to the meaning of the name/ word. A man by the name of Vance Hawkins has done extensive research on the Melungeon peoples as well as the Saponi, Catawba and other Eastern Siouan Peoples of Virginia North Carolina and the Ohio River Valley. He posits that the Melungeons are of an Eastern Siouan heritage. Vance also posits that the word Melungeons is of French origins. As in French the term “we mix” is “nous melangeons”. Literally meaning we mix. This makes sense to me. But we may never know the true meaning of the word. Google Vance Hawkins and Melungeon, Saponi and Ft Christanna. Very interesting read.