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D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:51 pm

John Carny signed the Oath of Allegiance to Spain 1780: when The British Loyalists were captured at Mobile. I believe this is the John Carney of GA a brother of Arthur Carney Sr, William Carney Trader in West FL, Natchez, a brother of Samuel Carney SC not son, Samuel son John stayed in S.C. This John Chas also found in Natchez as a Merchant, Spanish West FL, LA, trading, TN trading and land speculation with perhaps the TN company and Yazoo CO, along with Andrew Jackson who had property adjoining the Blackburn in TN. The heirs of Arthur SR. carney sold land to John Donnelly, father of Rachel Donnelly, Andrew Jackson wife.
That’s where I’m going with the Ga Carney research before and after a Rev War, in Liberty, GA, including Newport, Midway, East FL, St Augustine, West FL, Pensacola, Mobile, Natchez. The British Loyalists were banished from GA, and S.C., given 6 months to settle debts, some were at refuge in East Fl. They were to go back to England, the Bahamas, Nova Scotia, some managed to stay with the Spanish especially the Traders. John Carney wife was Elizabeth Mattair daughter of Lewis Mattair (Mctier) , he left her for parts unknown, she remarried Helrge Aron’s, had son William Carney who was nephew of Trader William Carney of Natchez, and cousin to Arthur Carney Jr of Choctaw Nation , and Trader at Bayous Pierre with Uncle and also Samuel Gibson. Took me awhile to pull the threads and clues, thru all the Spanish Records , GA, and MS Territory
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D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:54 pm

Oath of Allegiance Page 2
Page 2
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D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:59 am

http://www.library.ufl.edu/EastFlorida/ ... esults.asp

Carney results

Date Reel # Provenance. Item # Section # Location
1796-5 67 St. Augustine

January 8, 1796 130

Elizabeth McTier claims slaves mistakenly embargoed as property of her rebel husband George Aron
(Elizabeth is daughter of Lewis Mctier aka Mattair. Arthur also had Wife Elizabeth Aderton dau of James Aderton of Rowan County, NC. which we thought married George Aron. djt)
115p William Carney (McTier's son); Capt. Bernardo Segui; Savannah; John Catoe; slaves Carlota and Sue; Capt. Miguel Ysnardy; Daniel McGirtt; Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer; Stephen Catoe; fiscal Gonzalo Zamorano; (card 2) slaves Clement and Simon; F.P. Fatio; Juan Rodriguez; int. Treasurer Jose Antonio de Yguiniz; 11 named slaves with prices; Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer; John Carney (McTier's first husband); Tomas Mann; interp. Bernardino Sanchez; Juan McQueen; Juan Gianopoly; Father Juan Francisco Cardoso; Lorenzo Llanes. Resolved June 16, 1801.

D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:40 am

Winthrop Sargent Papers,

Carney, Arthur. Militia officer, Pickering County, Mississippi Territory.

30 May 1799 [2 letters, one to J. Girault]

Carney, John. Natchez merchant.

[Feb. 1800]

I have copy of letters, John involved Merchant Business in Natchez

D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:40 am

FL claim
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D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:41 am

Charles Seton
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D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:40 am

I believe that this is Francis Carney on the Comte de Toulouse. Jeremiah Carney, Choctaw son of Arthur Carney Jr, of the Choctaw Nation stated in a deposition that his father came in with the French Military. In 1731. The time frame stated was about when Bienville came back to LA. Because of the Indians troubles with the Chickasaw and Choctaw. Jerry was relayed to the
La Flyer, thru his mother Home. Who had 2 girls baptism with Louis. It seems that Louis father came in early to LA. Louis Lefluer And seems Francis Cornu (Carney?) were with the Spanish and Fr Each, Rev War. And the Carney’s were in GA abt 1766 with English Crown grants in Trade with Panton and Leslie, later in Mobile and also with Turnbull and Joyce. There’s a will filed in London 1773, of an Arthur Carney leaving property with his father which could have been so after Loyalists were banned from GA around time Arthur Sr, disappears from records Arthur Jr is in 1787 Spanish Census in the Choctaw villages. In Natchez later along with it could be a brother John. After the rebellion of Spanish West F.l. In 1810 many of the rebel were found in Davidson, TN, some may have been backs MS after Madrid Earth quake of 1811.
Note there is a St. Cerney in Illinois, or upper LA Census.

D J Thornton
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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:42 am

The Count de Toulouse for Louisana, 15 November 1718
Rolle des Passagers embarquez sur le vaisseau le Comte de Toulouze commandé par Monsieur le Chevalier de Grieu pour aller à la Louisianne.
(List of Passengers embarked on the vessel "The Count of Toulouse"commanded by Monsieur le Chevalier de Grieu to go to Louisanna.
Surname/Title First Name Remarks Occupation
Monsieur Larcebault Directeur General de la Compagnie Dir. General of the Company
Les Srs Gordon Capitane de'Infanterie Captain of Infantry
Les Srs Simon Commis de la Compie. Clerk of Company
Les Srs Ferrarois Commis de la Compie. Clerk of Company
Les Srs Renaudière Commis de la Compie. Clerk of Company
Renaudière La femme du Sr Renaudière wife of Sieur Rencaudière
Le Sr Loustaud Commis de la Compie. Clerk of Company
Mineurs (Miners)
Le Sr Letoile Brigadier Commander
Le Sr Ollivier Sous Brigadier Lieutenant Commander
Ollivier La femme du Sr. Ollivier wife of Sieur Ollivier
Marc Sergent Sergeant
La Plume Caporal Corporal
Chevalier Gerard La Grandeur
Saint Jean Francoeur La Branche
La Sonde Va de Bon coeur? Lepine
Quatre femmes de mineurs (four wives of miners)
Trois enfans de mineurs ( Three children of miners)
Ponletet Jean garçon servant les mineurs Serving boy to miners
22 personnes (persons)
Saint Sauvery Soldats Soldier
Saint Julien Soldats Soldier
Balcon Soldats Soldier
Malo Soldats Soldier
Sociodon Soldats Soldier
La Girardière Soldats Soldier
La Girardière La femme du dit La Guirardière wife of La Girardière
Larragonois Jean Soldats Soldier
Beudoin Andre Soldats Soldier
Cadet Blondelet Soldats Soldier
Darnaud Antoine Soldats Soldier
Beaulieu Soldats Soldier
Cagnerel Soldats Soldier
Guery Joseph Soldats Soldier
Saint Martin Martin Soldats Soldier
Le Preaux Nicolas Soldats Soldier
Le Crosnier François Soldats Soldier
Rinaud Jean Soldats Soldier
Saint Martin Soldats Soldier
Saint Martin Sa femme his wife
La Pensèe Soldats Soldier
Damiel Ollivier Soldats Soldier
Saint Louis Soldats Soldier
Saint Louis Sa femme his wife
Saint Louis Sa fille his daughter
Saint Jean Soldats soldier
Saint Jean Sa femme his wife
Simon Jean Soldats Soldier
La Fontain Soldats Soldier
Cheret Edme Soldats Soldier
Farcine François Soldats Soldier
Manduis-son Laurens Soldats Soldier
Le Crosnier Jean François Soldats Soldier
Ramée Pierre Soldats Soldier
Bellvoine Soldats Soldier
Troissard Yvon Soldats Soldier
Du Plessix Soldats Soldier
La Farge Soldats Soldier
Renoud Jean Soldats Soldier
Deslois Soldats Soldier
Nerisson Pierre Soldats Soldier
Grandjean Jean Soldats Soldier
Deshamps Soldats Soldier
Crosnier Soldats Soldier
Moreau Jacques Soldats Soldier
de St. Georges Joseph Soldats Soldier
le Grand Augustine Soldats Soldier
Philipe Jean Etienne Soldats Soldier
Surge Bernard Soldats Soldier
Chevenet Pierre Soldats Soldier
Gods Nicolas Soldats Soldier
Locar Nicolas Soldats Soldier
Total 53 personnes (persons)
Amanville Domestiques de M.M. Larcebault Servant of M.M. Larcebault
et Gordon and Gordon
Tanson Jacques Domestiques de M.M. Larcebault Servant of M.M. Larcebault
et Gordon and Gordon
2 personnes (persons)
Mr. De Montplaisir Inspecteur de Tabac Inspector of Tobacco
Le Sr. Banjou Conductor des ouvriers Foreman of the workmen
Descarail Antoine ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Ricard Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Talu Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Besse Bertrand ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Gibert Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Sisac Abraham ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Du Michel Jean ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Chaudruc Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Andibert Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Fouillouse Jean ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Oisou Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Guirand Jean ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Pourcharesse Jean ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
La Rogue Jacques ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Capdu Pierre ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Fegas Jean ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Laval Pe ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
Brouguet Jea ouvrier en tabad tobacco worker
20 personnes (persons)
Le Sr. Dufour de Courcelles Concessionaires De La Societe Concessionairs of the Company
Des Sr. De Lair of Sr. De Lair
Tanns Brasseur Brewer
Du buc Michel Serruier locksmith
Total 3 personnes (persons)
Concession De m. De Baulne, Procureur de Roi ( King's Attorney for LA.)
Le Sr. de Baulne Concessionaire Concessionair
Madame de Baulne
M. le Du Plessic Chevalier
Melle. Boiron
Le Sr. Boiron
Le S. Demony fils ainé eldest son
Melle. Demony
Le S. Morel Sécrétaire de M. de Baulne Secretary of Mr. Baulne
Le S. Sigy Commis Clerk
Bouvalet Louis Cuisinnier cook
Bouvalet Jean
Allard Cristine Poires, arquebusier musketeer
Sonnis Tonnellier cooper
Sabureau cordonnier shoemaker
Total 17 personnes (persons)
Conession De M. Pellerin (Concession of M. Pellerin)
Le S. Pellerin
Me Pellerin
Pellerin Son fils his son
Guezo Pierre son neveu his nephew
Soileau Noël idem (") his nephew
Bourbon Louis dit Ossement called Dead-Bone, Bonehead
or Boney
Bourbon Le femme du dit Bourbon The wife of said Bourbon
Guillett Annette servante servant or domestic
Marie servante negresse libre Free negress servant-girl
Argiére Marguertie servant servant or domestic
Total 10 personnes (persons)
Concession Des Srs. Lantheaume et Dubreuil (concession of Srs. Lantheaume and Dubreuil)
Le Sr. Lantheaume Concessionaire Concessionair
Le Sr. Dubreuil Concessionaire Concessionair
Me. Dubreuil
Dubreuil enfant child
Dubreuil enfant child
Gomband Marie servante de la Rochelle servant from La Rochelle
François servante de la Rochelle servant from La Rochelle
Cottive Dauphine Charpentier de Paris carpenter from Paris
Ravaux Jacques menuzier de Mezière joiner from Mezière
Dioré Jacques tonnellier de la Salle cooper from la Salle
David Jacob cordonnier de La Rochefoucault shoemaker from La Rochefoucault
Moreau Jacques Francois menuzier de Paris joiner from Paris
David Romain tailleru de La Rochefoucault tailor from La Rochefoucault
Caudelon Bernard laboureur de Tonzac laborer from Tonzac
Lefebvre Pierre idem, de Corbie pres Amiens laborer of Corbie near Amiens
Couronnay François idem, de Corbie pres Amiens laborer of Corbie near Amiens
de Gaule Jacques idem de Lizieux laborer near lizieux
Chaalons laborer of Chalons
Pinam Jean idem pres Poitiers laborer near Poitiers
Total 18 personnes (persons)
Recapitulation (Recapitulation)

Officers et Employés de la Compagnie d'Occident (Officers and employees of the Company of the West) 7
Mineurs, lerus femmes et lerus enfans (Miners, their wives and children) 22
Soldats, leurs femmes et leurs enfans (Soldiers, their wives and children) 53
Domestiques de M. M. Gordon et Larcebault Servants or domestics of M. M. Gordon and Larcebault 2
Concessionnaires de la Société de la M. M. de Laire (Concessionairs of the company of M.M. de Laire) 3
Mr. De Baulne et ses gens (and his people) 17
Mr. Pellerin et ses genns ( and his people)10
M. M. Lantheaume et Dubreuil et leurs gens (and their people)18
Total des passagers (Total number of passenger)152

Il est permis au sus-dit Capitaine de passer dans son vaisseau le Comte de Toulouze les cent cinquente-deux personnes desnommés au présent estat, aux conditions qu'il observera les ordonnances du Roy. Fait au bureau des Classes de la Marine à la Rochelle le quinziéme Novembre mil sept cent dix huit. Nota-----Le Sieur Edmond Saubage officer s'est embarqué sur ce vaisseau quoy qu'il ne soit point sur le présent rolle. Et Tanns del la concession de Mr. Delaire a dészerté. Hurlot

(It is permitted to the aforesaid Captain to pass in his vessel "The Count of Toulouse" the one hundred and fifty two persons named on the present list, on condition that he will observe the ordinances of the King. Done at the office of the Classes of the Marine at La Rochelle on November the fifteenth, seveteen hundred and eighteen. Note------The Sieur Edmond Sauvage, officer, has embarked on this vessel, although he is not upon the present list. And Tanns, of the Concession of Monsieur Delaire has deserted.) Hurlot

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https://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/ship ... toul.shtml

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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:38 am

Of interest
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Françoi ... e_Dubreuil

François-Josué de La Corne Dubreuil, (October 7, 1710 – October 17, 1753) was an officer in the colonial regular troops of New France and, as was the norm of the day, involved in family commercial enterprises . He was the son of Jean-Louis de la Corne de Chaptes and a brother of Louis de la Corne, Chevalier de la Corne and Luc de la Corne. His first posting as a commandant of a post was at Fort Kaministiquia, beginning in 1741, where he also engaged in the fur trade.
His career took him to Ohio country, where in June 1753 he became seriously ill while surveying the portage at Fort Le Boeuf. His illness forced him to return to Quebec where he died. François-Josué was a recipient of the cross of Saint Louis.
He was survived by his only child, François-Michel, who probably drowned with his uncle Louis de La Corne in the sinking of the ship, Auguste in November 1761.

External links Edit
* ▪ Russ, C. J (1974). "La Corne Dubreuil, Francois-Josué de". In Halpenny, Francess G. Dictionary of Canadia
Luc de la Corne, (1711 – October 1, 1784) also known as Saint Luc, was the son of Jean-Louis de La Corne de Chaptes (1666-1732), King's Lieutenant at Montreal, and Marie Pécaudy de Contrecœur. Saint-Luc was an officer in the Compagnies Franches de la Marine; his brother Louis de la Corne, Chevalier de la Corne, later became a very successful merchant at Montreal. Though relatively unknown, he played a major role in American and Canadian history. He is most famous for returning from the shipwreck of the Auguste off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, at the age of fifty, during the dead of winter, to Quebec City - a trek of seventeen hundred miles.[1] He had a varied and courageous military career which earned him the cross of Saint Louis in 1759. He fought at both the Battle of Fort William Henry during the French and Indian War and at the Battle of Saratoga during the American Revolution.
He became a very successful merchant and was heavily involved in the Montreal end of the fur trade. His brother, Jean-Louis, was heavily involved in the fur trade and exploration and Luc controlled the eastern end of his activities. Another brother, François-Josué de La Corne was the commandant of Fort Kaministiquia for a time and large fur trade profits were realized. He was in partnership with Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Vérendrye for three years south of Lake Superior. In the same period his brother, Louis de la Corne was commandant of the western forts founded mainly by the elder La Vérendrye. Most of his ventures made large profits and, at the time of his death, he was one of the richest men in Canada.


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Re: CARNEY DNA Project

Postby D J Thornton » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:59 am

Jean Cornelly or Corneille is a form of Carney. He is on this ship

Le Vaisseau Le St. Louis ( The vessel The St. Louis) 21 March 1719

Didn't find your ancestor on my free ships' passenger lists? Search Ships Passenger Lists To Louisiana on a trial period free access to Ancestry.com. Their Louisiana Immigration Records includes immigration and naturalizations records such as Louisiana State Database, Louisiana Land Grants, New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger Lists, Louisiana Marriages to 1850, Louisiana Census, 1810-1930, Louisiana City Parish Index

Don't miss Ships Arriving in Louisiana Find out what's available to find ancestors on ships arriving in Louisiana.

Source: Ship Lists of Passengers Leaving France for Louisiana 1718-1724, originally published in the Louisiana Historical Society Quarterly
Le Vaisseau Le St. Louis ( The vessel The St. Louis) 21 March 1719
Rôles des personnes embarqués pour la Louisianne sur le Vaisseau le St. Louis commandé par le sieur Du Coulombier party de la rade de la Palisse pour la dittee Colonie le 21 du mois de Mars de la presente année.
(List of persons embarked for Louisinana on the vessel The St. Louis commanded by the Sieur Du Coulombier left the roadstead of La Palisse for the said colony on the 21st of the month of March of the present year, 1719.
Surname/Title First Name Sex Occupation Occupation - Translation
Concession de Sr. Cantillon (Concession of the Sr. Cantillon)
La Sr, Cantillon M
Ruau Pierre M
Texier Pierre M
Souloone Denys M
Leyne Guillaume M
Hussy Thomas M
Broat Jeanne F
Jordan Guillaume M
la Hosse Jean Mathieu M
Courcy Jean M
Coubier Simon M
Courcel Louis M
Cornelly Jean M
Barault Anne F
Owen Jean M
Smith Jean M
de l'autre part (listed above) 14 males, 2 females = 16
Darby Jonathan M commis Clerk
Darling Jean M idem ditto
Cook Robert M Irlandois Irishman
Bidet Jean M Charon wheelright
Bonnet Estienne M Menuisier joiner
Jullien Jean M Boulanger baker
Bertin Elie M Boulanger et Cuiser. baker and cook
Crozimier Nicolas M Laboureur laborer
Foret Michel M Tonnelier cooper
Courtableau Jacques M idem ditto
Garant Jacques M Laboureur laborer
Lesné Charles M Valet valet
Mongon Pierre M Raffineur refiner
Batteton Chistophle M Mineur miner
Paronneau Ollivier M Maréchal shoesmith
Dupain Charles M Laboureur laborer
Rotureau Honoré M Meunier miller
Lartout Pierre Sebastien M Tailleur tailor
Dessans Jean M Perruquier wigmaker
Bertin Marie F Servante serving-girl
Autraseau Jacques M Charpentier carpenter
Rancon Jean M Tailleur tailor
Barbier Jacques M Charpentier carpenter
Le Gas Simon M Laboureur laborer
de l'autre part (listed above) 37 males, 3 females = 40
Concession de François Caussepain (concession of François Caussepain)
Caussepain François M
Vendul Charlotte F sa femme his wife
Caussepain Pierre M
Caussepain Marie F
Fontaine Madelaine F Servante serving-girl
Passagers particuliers (Private passengers)
Madame Couturier F
Martin Marie F sa servante her serving-girl
Troupes (Troops)
Cadets (cadets)
Rousselet Vincent Michel M Troupes Troop
Rousselet Joseph M Cadet cadet
Sergents (Sergeants)
Du Rouvroy M Sergent Sergeant
Soldats (soldier)
Le Gendre Simon M Soldat Soldier
Jonneau Andre M Soldat Soldier
Fouguet Simon M Soldat Soldier
Micheau Jean M Soldat Soldier
Fouguerollo Philippe M Soldat Soldier
Fouguerollo F sa femme his wife
Hubert Jean M Soldat Soldier
Exilez par lettre de Cachet ( Exiled by letters-de-cachet)
Le St. Ballay M Chirurgien surgeon
Déserteurs et autres gens envoyez par ordre de la Cout (Deserters and other psersons sent by order of the Court)
Rencontre Albert M dit Recontre called Recontre
La Soye Paul Andre M dit la Soye called la Soye
Chateauneuf Pierre Fresines M dit Chateauneuf called Chateauneuf
Picard M
la Grandeur Jean Bary M dit Grandeur called la Grandeur
de l'autre part (listed above) 54 males, 9 females = 63
Camusat Pierre M dit Champagne called Champagne
Poupart François M dit Recontre called Recontre
Areus Charles M dit beausoleiB called Beausoleil
Achard Jean Louis M dit St. Paul called St. Paul
Pomart Jean M dit St. Laurent called St. Laurent
Jouvens Joseph M dt. St. Joseph called St. Joseph
Catinois François M
Nicolas Claude M
Eurard Jean Baptiste M
Lavigne M
Montagne Tanche M
Primptems M
La Navette M
67 males, 9 females =76

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