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Are my Roots possibly Melungeon?

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Are my Roots possibly Melungeon?

Postby JJRoots » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:44 pm

Hello Everyone! I have just joined this group and I am waiting on my DNA CONSULTANTS Test results to arrive. I've been working on my Tree for a couple of months. I have learned so much, and yet have so much to research. I've found out that my one familiar direct Ancestors is Daniel Boone and many of the pioneer families that traveled and lived amongst each other. Some of these families are William Hayes, Issac Harlan, Josiah Smith Harlan, Elizabeth White Cooper, George and John Lail, and many more. Some started at Blackmores Station, Va., Clinch River, Yadkin River, Mecklenburg NC. Lincoln county, TN, and more KY places and then onto Callaway County and Randolph County Missouri.
I'm becoming more certain that these Melungeon families and maybe some Native American. Although I cannot find the connect yet. In Callaway County and Randolph County Missouri, known Melungeon surnames in the community are listed on Census records, Minor, Gibson, Hicks, Hix, and more. I'm also more certain because even though my Ancestry results give Great Britain 62%, Ireland 17%, Western Europe 5%, South Europe 5%, Europe East 5%Italy/Greece 4%, Scandinavia 3%, Europe Jewish 2% Iberian peninsula 1%. When I uploaded my DNA to GEDMATCH, on most projects I have 34% North Europe and 33%Mediterranean. However most of my family tree surnames and Census only list White Surnames. Any info or insight would be helpful. Have a great blessed Weekend.

D J Thornton
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Re: Are my Roots possibly Melungeon?

Postby D J Thornton » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:29 am


I had a family said to come with Daniel Boone, Samuel Earle
it seems likely you are. Especially surname Gibson

This is from one of my favorite articles that became a book.


Some names

1670's: Anderson, Atkins, Barton, Boarman, Bowser, Brown, Bunch, Buss, Butcher, Butler, Carney, Case, Church, Combess, Combs, Consellor, Day, Farrell/Ferrell, Fountain, Game, Gibson/Gipson, Gregory, Grimes, Grinnage, Hobson, Howell, Jeffries, Lee, Manuel, Morris, Mullakin, Nelson, Osborne, Pendarvis, Quander, Redman, Reed, Rhoads, Rustin, Skipper, Sparrow, Stephens, Stinger, Swann, Waters, Wilson.

1680's: Artis, Booth, Britt, Brooks, Bryant, Burkett, Cambridge, Cassidy, Collins, Copes, Cox, Dogan, Donathan, Forten/Fortune, Gwinn, Hilliard, Hubbard, Impey, Ivey, Jackson, MacDonald, MacGee, Mahoney, Mallory, Okey, Oliver, Penny, Plowman, Press/Priss, Price, Proctor, Robins, Salmons/Sammons, Shoecraft, Walden, Walker, Wiggins, Wilkens, Williams

1690's: Annis, Banneker, Bazmore, Beddo, Bond, Cannedy/Kennedy, Chambers, Conner, Cuffee, Dawson, Durham, Ford, Gannon, Gates, Graham, Hall, Harrison, Hawkins, Heath, Holt, Horner, Knight, Lansford, Lewis, Malavery, Nichols, Norman, Oxendine, Plummer, Pratt, Prichard, Rawlinson, Ray, Ridley, Roberts, Russell, Sample, Savoy, Shaw, Smith, Stewart, Taylor, Thompson, Toney, Turner, Weaver, Welsh, Whistler, Willis, Young

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