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Origins Map

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Origins Map

Postby D J Thornton » Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:18 pm

Ftdna Family finds excludes sex chromosome and matches 5-6 Ancestors Autosomla. While not expressly showing NA matches as percents are below their comparisons percent, and what their databases deem Native American, my matches match projects for Algonquin East Coast Indian, NC coastal including Lumbee, Albermarle, Pamlico, Outer Banks Projects, Louisiana Creole, Cumberland Gap, MEHRA, includes Redbones, many SE coastal tribes, Cajans, Melissa core projects, Scottish Ancestry to name a few. Seems odd with all those NA Projects they don’t call Matches NA Origins. Anyway this was just to compare results for a project at Ftdna. I’ve submitted DNA Consultants results to project managers in the past, but it’s easier to take test so I could use their tools, and upload to Gedmatch. There are some NA cousins on that, Gedmatch isn’t letting us add raw data either, for DNA Consultants.
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