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Cabeza de Vaca Expedition DNA Search

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D J Thornton
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Cabeza de Vaca Expedition DNA Search

Postby D J Thornton » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:20 am

Read my posts on thread at Native American

DNA Search

There are possible descendents of several noted members, including Lope de Oviedo, of the Narváez expedition whose heritage may originate on the central Gulf Coast.

For people with indigenous ancestry of tribes of the Gulf Coast - Atakapa, Chitimacha, Choctaw, Biloxi, Apalachee, and others - or southeast and southcentral interior tribes - Wichita, Caddo, Natchez, and others - who have taken DNA tests and gotten results that indicate their heritage includes Spanish, Morrocan, Greek, or broader regions including the Iberian Peninsula, Mediterranean Europe, Middle East or North Africa (that is not believed to solely derive from recent relatives of the past two centuries; i.e. African, European or Middle Eastern ancestry from earlier than the past six to eight generations), Project misisipi is interested to hear from you.

Contact us by sending a message to the Texas Museum of Culture or Imagine a Museum Facebook Pages.
D J Thornton
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Re: Cabeza de Vaca's Gulf Coast Expedition DNA search
by D J Thornton » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:51 am

Interesting, I didn’t think of this with my matches. Melungeon did think of Juan Parfo, and Desoto and others, but this explains certain regional historical matches before later Spanish Settlements.

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