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North American DNA study Clustering of 770,000 genomes reveals post-colonial population structure of North America

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:32 pm
by D J Thornton

Despite strides in characterizing human history from genetic polymorphism data, progress in identifying genetic signatures of recent demography has been limited. Here we identify very recent fine-scale population structure in North America from a network of over 500 million genetic (identity-by-descent, IBD) connections among 770,000 genotyped individuals of US origin. We detect densely connected clusters within the network and annotate these clusters using a database of over 20 million genealogical records. Recent population patterns captured by IBD clustering include immigrants such as Scandinavians and French Canadians; groups with continental admixture such as Puerto Ricans; settlers such as the Amish and Appalachians who experienced geographic or cultural isolation; and broad historical trends, including reduced north-south gene flow. Our results yield a detailed historical portrait of North America after European settlement and support substantial genetic heterogeneity in the United States beyond that uncovered by previous studies.

Following the arrival of Columbus and his contemporaries, population expansion in the Americas has proceeded at an exceptionally rapid pace, with factors such as war, slavery, disease and climate shaping human demography. Recent genetic studies of the United States and North America have drawn insights into ancient human migrations1,2 and population diversity in relation to global population structure3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. These insights have been primarily drawn from modelling variation in allele frequencies (for example, refs 11, 12, 13, 14, 15), which typically diverge slowly. This may in part explain why these studies have revealed little about population structure on the time-scale of post-European colonization (1500–2000 AD) that is not directly tied to pre-Columbian diversity within the Americas nor to ‘Old World’ populations outside the United States.

In this study, we analyse genome-wide genotype data from over 777, 000 primarily US-born individuals. Among all pairs of individuals, we identify genetic connections defined by sharing a recent common ancestor; when these connections are aggregated into a network, our computational methods reveal densely connected clusters, in which the members of each cluster are subtly more related to each other. Using a unique collection of 20 million user-generated genealogical records, we annotate these densely connected clusters to identify the putative historical origins of such population substructure, and to infer temporal and geographic patterns of migration and settlement. With much greater granularity than previously possible, our analyses demonstrate the impact of subtle, complex demographic forces in shaping the patterns of genetic variation among contemporary North Americans.

Re: North American DNA study Clustering of 770,000 genomes reveals post-colonial population structure of North America

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:58 pm
by D J Thornton
Look at maps in study. Coastal AL, MS, LA and Acadians in Canada have a unique clustered. We were of the French Contact with Native Populations. And also Spanish. The British. Weren’t a big factor until 1763. French 1699.
Other Vikings rumored 1170.
It might be of interest to study re pandemic. I have been working on New Genealogy info, but on hold. If you are matching me in Family Tree Family Finder might provide insight. Besides, my local cluster, we are southern cluster, Appalachian Melungeon clusters. I have been with Dr Yates studies before commercial testing was available look for his books on sight. In Family Finder I have been contacted by my American Indian cousins, my Jewish cousins, Jamestown cousins, Francis Wyatt confirmed. Pierce, Key, Mazingo, Vikings (Scottish Highlander. Am matching McAlister Clan Chief. Campbell’s, many more but my McAlister kin came from Cape fear they Robeson NC with Lumbee .
AL and GA Tribes. Cherokee, I am now matching Dr Yates with Rueben Cooper,
Choctaw kin previously.
I have down my tree back to William the Conqueror, the royalty of Europe , Welsh, Celtics, Romani, Cleopatra And Mark Anthony. Egyptian Royalty that includes Moses if you follow Hebrew dna. Coen Priest. Goths (Mtdna H) Visigoths.Attilla the Hun Current data is I’m 98% Europe and 2% North Africans, but that is not reflecting Dr. Yates data . My posting is in regards to FTDNA database, of which I had posted early in Mito Search and Y Search in the beginning. Those are no longer available. I caution all of you in posting to public Databases now without understanding how their privacy programs are. I haven’t forgot y’all, I hope you are well, I just thought I’d post this Incase you want to focus on something else and how all this . I’m being thankful this Spring day of my hot humid climate which sometimes can be unbearable sometimes, it’s upper 80s.
Take Care and Remember we are all truly connected