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Postby deborahmcdonald » Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:19 am

My Native American dna results show that I have Cherokee at 45 and a weaker match of Lumbee. I have two alleles and 10 rare genes one of which is Crazy Horse

My Son shows Lumbee at 4 and Cherokee at 9 and he only has one allele

How does his Cherokee and Lumbee show higher than mine?

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Re: Clarification

Postby emmdee2 » Tue Sep 21, 2021 1:54 am

I hope others can do better explanation but each person's mix will be different and so a smaller quantity of say Lumbee related results might still be a higher part of your son's results, he might have results related to Lumbee that are different and more frequent say certain type of European or African results that give him a higher Lumbee ranking. Something from his father giving a mixture more like Lumbee as Lumbee generally thought to be tri-racial. (African, Native and European). They are in a particular part of the US so he might relate more to the European descent of that area (say Croatian or Scottish might relate more to that part of the country than Dutch or Germanic).

My results leaned heavy on Hispanic/Portuguese, my sister's leaned heavy of African/US African American. She only had Lumbee for a native result and very low on Cherokee, where my number one world was the Enrolled Cherokee plus Florida native at number 5 rank. Still we had overlaps like Spain -Andalusian was high for us both (my 2nd world, her first as I recall).

My sister actually has lower numbers on the numbers of exclusion (3.579E + 11 type figures) which means a stronger relationship (a greater relative strength in the bar charts. The more pure (for lack of better term) you are of an ethnicity the more spread from that close relationship to other ethnicities . More mixed and everything tends to cluster together around close to same relative frequency ... My relative strength charts though they do gradient from strong on left to lower bars don't drop as fast and my top number is lower... where someone with a stronger relationship to their first population might have a high relative strength on first one to three bars and drop off greatly to the remaining.

I recall Dr. Yates showed his and his first was stronger and saw that sharper drop. Dr. Yates Cosmos Mariner blog https://dnaconsultants.com/cosmos-mariner/ , he has North Asian very strong, relates to Native and he has a direct know lineage... makes sense. My first is Iberian, then Jewish nearly the same relative strength, less directly related, I can't find my native ancestor in genealogy. Might not have been native? Don't know.

Even though you share about half of the same dna and markers there are enough are different to give varying results.

That might be a bit crude. Hope it helps and doesn't confuse things more.

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