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Ancestry of James Colbert a trader

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D J Thornton
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Ancestry of James Colbert a trader

Postby D J Thornton » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:14 am

The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XX, No.2, May 1994, pg.82 contains an article titled “James Logan Colbert of the Chickasaw, The Man and the Myth.”  This article is reproduced at this link:

Also includes names of other trader

One of the first Virginia Indian traders whose property was “confiscated” because of this act [SC Indian Trader act of 1702] was Robert HICKS[Sr.]of Virginia in 1707.(18)
Using the names of “Licensed Indian traders”, a list of Virginia, North and South Carolina traders was created. A partial list includes Robert LONG, Charles HICKS, John BROWN, William GILCHRIST, Abraham COLSON, James ANDERSON, William KEMP, James MOORE, Richard HYDE, John SIMS, William WILLIAMS, and John PETTYGREW.
One of James COLBERT’s ‘hirelings’ was Richard HYDE, listed above. His father, aslo known as Richard Hyde, had also been employed by COLBERT as a packhorseman. The elder HYDE was a former pirate and member of Blackbeard’s gang. HYDE quit his life of piracy when Edward TEACH(Blackbeard) was killed in 1718.(20)

Of this List I have Unknown Mary Pleasant Bron m Little
And Sims with Carlisle

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