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What the ancient DNA discovery tells us about Native American ancestry

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What the ancient DNA discovery tells us about Native American ancestry

Postby D J Thornton » Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:49 am

A new genome from a Pleistocene burial in Alaska confirms a longstanding model for the initial peopling of the Americas

A little over 11,000 years ago, a grieving family in Central Alaska laid to rest a six-week-old baby girl, a three-year-old child, and a preterm female fetus. According to their custom, the children were interred under a hearth inside their home and provisioned with the carefully crafted stone points and bone foreshafts of hunting lances. We don’t know their names, but the peoples who live in the region today (the Tanana Athabaskans) call one of the girls Xach’itee’aanenh t’eede gaay (sunrise child-girl) and the other Yełkaanenh t’eede gaay (dawn twilight child-girl). Their remains were discovered a few years ago at a site known today as the Upward Sun River.
http://loveofanimalss.us/2018/09/04/wha ... -ancestry/

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