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Melungeon Allele

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Melungeon Allele

Postby janRavenspirit » Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:02 pm

Greetings all and happy New Year!!!
I am a new moderator and honored to be here.

I am Cherokee and Seneca. Results- Melungeon allele relatable to Cherokee DNA. Dr. Yates is the ONLY one doing this intensive and extensive study on actual Cherokee as you know. My Cherokee is #2, and I also have Central and South American Indian-Hmmm....

Armenian #1 at megapoplutations- most likely Cherokee. Dr. Yates explained to me of Armenians (from Armenia....) testing Cherokee @ #1- having never been in America other than Canada- no history, so why can't the reverse apply with folks like me- Melungeon allele and known Cherokee. Very interesting stuff to ponder. Have to Native American Rare Genes- specifically, Amerind and Lake Baikal.

I'm a Sizemore, Greene (Seneca and Cherokee Greenes), Jackson from Wilkes NC.

Anyone else?

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Re: Melungeon Allele

Postby Raven » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:10 pm

What is the melungeon allele? I have Brazilian-Belem Amazonians at #8, u.s Cherokee admixed at #13 and also received Native American Florida in my top 50. I got the Amerind gene and the Lake Baikal gene as well.

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Re: Melungeon Allele

Postby emmdee2 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:15 am

Hello Jan.

I still don't have any paper trail or exact lineage. I know my mom had a grandmother part Native but totally unknown tribal affiliation.

I had Cherokee Enrolled (n=33) at #1, Native American-Florida (n=105) at #5, Native American - Lumbee (n=106) at #42 - quite a lot of Brazil matches like 5 in top 50 then other Hispanic, Ibererian, Costa Rica etc... which I am supposed to be part Portuguese.

My world matches were Iberian, Jewish, Armenian then American Indian at #4.

My Rare Genes, had 6 matches Amerind, Yellow Emperor, Rain Goddess, Europa, King Tut and Khoisan.

My mom's side of family parts from Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee but left and ended up in Iowa. So I never imagined I would match the Southeastern Indian tribes.

Been reading a lot of the books by Dr. Yates. In some ways I match for what I can see. Though I wonder if my higher score is perhaps a bit inflated and that something from dad's side (like the Portuguese) makes me match closer than I would have otherwise.


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