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Primeval DNA Test website launched

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Primeval DNA Test website launched

Postby jakayj » Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:44 pm

With the launch this week of the https://primevaldna.com/ website, DNA Consultants now offers 24 tests for ancient DNA populations.

I'm really excited as I did seven last spring and, now, can add to those for a more complete picture of where my people traveled through time and where they may not have been. I show evidence of European roots back to the Ice Age Europeans through the Stone Age Europeans, Ancient Britons of Roman England, and Vikings of Medieval Iceland.

I also had some attachments to the Ancient Israelites, Egyptian Mummies, and a link to the Chumash Paleo-Indians.

And in the future, the population testing opportunities will increase with so much more to learn.

Anyone else excited?


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