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Sherrill/Perkins Family

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Sherrill/Perkins Family

Postby bailey12 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:35 pm

Does anyone here know which descendants of William Sherrill might have been part Cherokee/Native American? I have two Sherrill matches from Maryland on AncestryDNA. One of them is descended from Richard Perkins, born 1710 in MA who married Mary Sherrill, the daughter of William Sherrill and Margarette Rudisil {though the identity of that woman as the mother is criticized, I read online}.

One of my other matches has a Susanna Perkins (1787-1877), who was the matriarch of Dickerson line to some of my other matches. I don't know if this Susanna Perkins was related to Richard Perkins or William and Mary Sherrill, though. I have a lot of Perkins matches.

I was just curious if there could be a native connection. Feel free to share with me. Anything at all will help.

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Re: Sherrill/Perkins Family

Postby Shari » Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:50 pm

Hi Bailey,
You will find some answers to your Sherrill-Perkins questions in THE WILLIAM SHERRILL, JR. BIOGRAPHY AND FAMILY HISTORY that Wanda Clark and I put together. As I said, I’ll be glad to send it by email attachment but I will need your email address. Wanda is almost 97 now. She was a wonderful researcher and a great friend. I keep in contact with her.

You are related to Wanda! Wanda’s ancestors (that she researched) were also Sherrill-Perkins so you will find quite a bit about the Perkins, too, in this history.

Cecil County, Maryland is where the SAMUEL WILSON family lived. Samuel was husband to “Elizabeth.” Their daughters LUCRETIA WILSON who married AQUILLA SHERRILL (my line) and HULDA WILSON who married JACOB SHERRILL, SR. (Wanda’s line) are discussed in this history. (Aquilla and Jacob, Sr. were sons of Adam who was son of William, Sr.)

It’s Lucretia (Wilson) Sherrill and Aquilla Sherrill’s daughters Hulda and Margaret (discussed online) who may have had Cherokee ancestry. This may or may not be true.

Here is a quote I saved from the Internet (no longer there):
“Under the treaty of Calhoun dated July 8, 1817 white men were empowered to claim reservations of land in Jackson County Alabama based on their wives’ status as Cherokee Indians. Accordingly on July 11, 1818 William Wilson was awarded reservation #128 on the Flint River "in the right of his wife" with a family of 3.

This means that Hulde (Hulda) was a Cherokee Indian. This comes down through her mother who was a Cherokee Indian. Her mother was Lucretia Wilson who married Aquilla Sherrill.”

Hulda and Margaret’s sister Rachel (Sherrill) Loyd (my line) moved to Jackson County, Alabama, too, so she may also have been Cherokee. I have not seen any real evidence of this either. (Samuel and Elizabeth also had several Wilson sons who are covered in the history.)

One thing, Wanda searched for Margaret Rudisil and heard from the family that Margaret would have been way too young to marry Wm., Sr. Wanda was never able to find Wm, Sr.’s wife’s name. Was she Native American? Fur traders often married Native Americans. Unknown great...grandmothers are potentially Native American...but, of course, maybe not, as well.

William Sherrill, Jr. was my eighth great-grandfather. Trying to find a Cherokee connection that long ago might be pretty difficult!

This has been a puzzle for years online - do the Sherrills have Cherokee ancestry? Maybe if Sherrill descendants would pool their DNA information and family connections, we can eventually narrow it down proof.

What is your Sherrill-Perkins line, Bailey?

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Re: Sherrill/Perkins Family

Postby bailey12 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:24 pm

Thank you. My email address is baileyedsallparr@yahoo.com

I'm still sorting out which line I'm descended from. It could take a while but please send whatever information over that you think would help. Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

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