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I'm trying to gain a better understanding

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I'm trying to gain a better understanding

Postby Keltwn » Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:27 pm

Hello all, I took the DNA fingerprint, the Native American and the Cherokee test. I understand there is no percentage given but I would like to know how strong my native roots are. I'm told on my dads side of the tree, my grandmother Annelle Cooper's mother was Native American Indian. It was through the test that I discovered my mom's side of the tree also has Native American Indian. I marked one for each parent. I was surprised. Listed in Rank # 20 it's marked Native American Indian Michigan (n= 29) and a second ranking number of 151 that shows U.S. Cherokee Admixed (n=62). However, my dad marked #14 was Native American Saskatchewan (n=105), #40 Native American Minnesota (n=191) and #230 U.S. Cherokee admixed (n=62) I will have my mom tested next week but would you say it's a good bit of Native American Indian with these results. Thanks! Laura Kelson

There is so much to learn about these test. I can't believe it!

Also, how can I discover which ancestor it is that has the Native American roots?

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Re: I'm trying to gain a better understanding

Postby jakayj » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:04 pm

Good day,

Finding out which ancestor has Native roots is through genealogy not DNA. However that is not always possible because it could be deep ancestry or an American Indian tribe that was wiped out or not enough information can be found concerning your ancestral lines for one reason or another.

You may contact Dr. Yates concerning our professional genealogy service at dpy@dnaconsultants.com . He will have to first approve the project to ensure you have enough information for him to work with and a specific goal.

Hope this helps,

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