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Believe Your DNA Test Results

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:14 pm
by Shari
I questioned my top three Mega Population Rankings in my Fingerprint Plus test three years ago. My Analysis began, “Iberian or Hispanic with American Indian admixture…” 

It isn’t that I knew what I was talking about, but I was confused. After years of personal genealogical research (, etc.), I had never seen any Hispanic surnames or heard any stories from my dad’s family.

After many months of applying my DNA information to my ancestor list, I finally figured out who they were - my paternal grandmother and a paternal great-grandmother of different lines, two very recent ancestors, both with Mexican ancestry.

My test shows a large percentage of my 50 World Population Matches (nine of my top 10) as being Hispanic, Mexican, Central and South American.

My Rank #11 is “Native American - Choles - Chiapas, Mexico,” which I understand to be Mayan. I have eight specific Native American matches from all areas of the Americas from both parents. Before my mother’s and my tests were taken, I had only suspected one First Nation (Canadian Native American) ancestor from my mother.

Other than the factual reality of my DNA test results, these are my only other clues. Years ago my dad gave me two beautiful, old plates that belonged to my grandmother (his mother) picturing peaches, plums and flowers with blue background that I suspect were from Mexico even though there are no words or markings on the backs. Also, my great-grandmother gave her son, my great uncle, the middle name of “Lorenzo.” My dad had type ”O” blood.