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Jewish 1 and 3 Alleles

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Jewish 1 and 3 Alleles

Postby myronidafoeiii » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:06 pm


I am attempting to understand my results. I have an allele for Jewish 1 and an allele for Jewish 3 but they are in the same column. What does this mean? Does this mean I am Jewish?

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Re: Jewish 1 and 3 Alleles

Postby dpyates » Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:59 pm

The columns register a hit for that marker which you received from one parent. It's not apparent on the face of it which parent contributed that marker to you if there is only one check mark on a row. But if there are two on a row you can conclude you got that marker from both parents. Remember, however, marker results are the roughest indication of ancestry. If you have significant Jewish ancestry I would expect you to have several matches in your world, megapop and European results to Jewish populations, for instance Majorca Chuetas, Hungarian Ashkenazim and/or Israeli Jews. All these have population information pages on dnaconsultants.com.
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